The Autonomous Footsoldiers are a fully nomadic band of POP! guerilla insurgents based out of whereever this archaic typewriter happens to be at any given moment. Trekking their way across the Great American Econonomic Frontier in a couple' old vans and an antique travel trailer, they have preached their self styled message of deviance to countless thousands of innocent bystanders over the past two years. Shouting The Autonomous Footsoldier Three Word Creedo like a WAR CRY, this band of gypsies will not rest until the citizens of the continental United States are made aware that their cultural integrity depends upon Autonomy, Dexterity, and Isolation. They strike with just enough warning to ensure a good turnout, then fade back into the landscape of the Interstate highway from which they came. Rest easy teeming millions, for the Autonomous Footsoldiers are bringing the (POP!) CULTURAL REVOLUTION to a beer dispensing facility near you!

The Autonomous Footsoldiers' arsenal of POP! artistry currently includes drums, bass, 35mm camera, electric piano, twin guitarists of different mothers, the scratchin' (scratchin') turntables of DJ DUBL*A, and the highly educated improvisational dance magic of Elizabeth. Their groundbreaking musical stylings lean heavily on the alchemic mystery of their delicately honed improvisational skills and the razor sharp wit of their catchy one liners. A cross between Dr. Teeth & the Electric Mayhem and the Mahavishnu Orchestra's finer moments, the Autonomous Footsoldiers are guaranteed to make you wish you had the balls to quit your job and go out Carpetbaggin'. Representing six states and as many major regions of the country, the movement's frontline stays in close contact with the ever growing number of "Friends of the Revolution" via their ultra slick web site at www.autonomousfootsoldiers.com.

Steadfast in their refusal to kow tow to the money mongers of Madison Ave., you won't see these selfless idealists on MTV or hear them on the "Wacky Guys" morning FM radio show. Instead, look for their upcoming self produced triple length release: The Mass Produced Crap Lobby Keeps Us Out of the Record Stores -- available early next fall exclusively at Mom 'n' Pop run metaphysical shops across America.